• Music album release “Overwhelming”
  • Interazioni Architettoniche (Architectural Interaction): an interactive video projection mapping for the Municipality of Rome
  • Multiprojection software for realtime animation, objects and bodies mapping, video mixing  for Goldenart Production
  • Fadjr Festival of Tehran, workshop about virtual stage design
  • Sound design and mastering for Shahram Karimi video “Open the door”
  • Moel“, software, animation and stage design for a theater piece. Mopstudio
  • Compositing, animation and video mapping software for architectural projection on Teatro Politeama, Municipality of Palermo. Open Lab Company | Mopstudio | Pixelorchestra
  • Animation, software, compositing, music and sound design  for “Twenty thousand leagues under the seas“. Teatro Potlach | Mopstudio | Open Lab Company | Aesop Studio
  • Animation, soundesign and soundtrack for “Vite in cammino” commissioned by Aidos
  • Video installation “Iran”, Museo Nazionale degli Strumenti Musicali. Mopstudio
  • Production of the short film Commit flight to memory for the bird is mortal


Mahnaz Esmaeili (Stage designer)



  • High School Diploma in experimental scientific;
  • University of Tehran – Faculty of Fine Arts – Course of Set Design;
  • Specialized courses in Animation Tarbiat Modares University Tehran;
  • Stage Designer Diploma at Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Degree achieved with highest grades (110 cum laude);
  • PhD “Performance and Augmented Reality – Research on the impact of new electronic technologies in performing arts”, University “La Sapienza” Rome.

Professional experience

  • Rome: “Room one ajax” (assistant production designer)
  • Tehran: Shahr Theater “The memories without shroud”
  • Tehran: Theater Honar “The rain”
  • Tehran: Shahr Theater “The park near the road”;
  • Tehran: International Theatre Festival Puppet “The story of  the black crow”
  • Tehran: International Theatre Festival Puppet “Brecht”
  • Esfehan: Theater Helal Ahmar “Eshghe pit”
  • Tehran: International Theater Festival Puppet “Zall and rudabeh”

Other professional experience visual arts, architecture, cinema

  • Personal exhibition at Accademia di Belle Arti of Rome;
  • Staging to “Studio Azzuro” Milan to collaborate for the design of the interactive performance “GALILEO”;
  • Model for the BBC film “ROMA” made in the factory of Cinecittà in Rome;
  • Video animation SHADOWS selected for the Tribeca Film Festival in New York for year 2004;
  • Tehran Fajr International Festival “The makeup room”
  • Design of the setting for TV drama “Bisha barreh”
  • Assistant set designer for the film “Kamila adll”



Salvatore Passaro (Musician and sound designer / software developer for realtime media)

  • Workshop instructor for “Realtime Video Performing” at Fadjr International Theater Festival of Tehran
  • Workshop instructor for “Realtime Video Performing” at University La Sapienza in Roma
  • Workshop instructor for “Audio Engineering Intro” at Teatro Porlach in Fara Sabina
  • Workshop instructor for “Audio Engineering Intro” at University La Sapienza in Rome
  • Workshop instructor “Cinema4d and Max MSP Jitter” at Teatro Potlach in Fara Sabina
  • Soundtrack for a piece about Marguerite Duras
  • Personal exhibition of electronic paintings “Images of a musician”
  • Music album release “Earth”