20000 leagues under the sea

Salvatore Passaro collects the award for Nathalie Mentha as best actress at the 30th “Fadjr International Theatre Festival”

Performance with a strong visual impact, taken from the famous text by Jules Verne, that will be appreciated by adult and young audiences alike.

The latest production by Teatro Potlach stems from the idea of combining the company’s 30-year experience of work on the actor’s role and on his presence on stage with the latest state-of-the-art digital and lighting technologies.

The actors are literally “immersed” in a magical, dream-like setting with digital projections and latest-generation LED lights, and will take the spectators along with them in the discovery of the sea depths and of Captain Nemo’s mysterious Nautilus.

Una produzione: Teatro Potlach
Regia: Pino Di Buduo
con: Daniela Regnoli
Nathalie Mentha
Marcus Acauan
Irene Rossi
Giovanni Di Lonardo

Scenografia Virtuale: AESOPSTUDIO Stefano Di Buduo | Momchil Alexiev
MOPSTUDIO Mahnaz Esmaeili | Salvatore Passaro

In collaborazione con:
Luci e Scenografia: Luca Ruzza
Musiche: Salvatore Passaro
Software per la gestione video e l’audio multicanale: Salvatore Passaro
Assistente alla scenografia: Andrea Adriani
Costumi e Trucco: Laura Colombo
Assistenza alla Regia: Zsofia Gulyas

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